Everton star Tim Howard visits city for special tattoo

Tim Howard with tattoo artist Emma Kirzek at Aurora Tattoo Studio, Lancaster.
Tim Howard with tattoo artist Emma Kirzek at Aurora Tattoo Studio, Lancaster.

A world famous goalkeeper travelled to Lancaster for a new tattoo - after headhunting a city artist.

Everton’s Tim Howard, 35, who has also played for Manchester United and represents his native USA, visited Aurora Tattoo studio in Kings Arcade on Easter Monday for his first tattooing session with owner Emma Kirzek.

Emma has now started Tim’s new inking of his mother when she was a young girl on his left forearm. It will require further sessions to complete it.

Howard has a plethora of tattoos – a superman logo on his arm and dragons, crucifizes, Jesus, stars and Chinese characters dotted around his torso.

He regularly posts snaps of his ‘ink’ on social media site Instagram to share with his fans.

Emma, owner of the Lancaster studio for 14 years, was headhunted by Tim after he saw her work in famous tattoo artist Lal Hardy’s London studio, where she had been doing a guest spot.

Sam Wisniewski, co-owner at the studio, said: “A few years ago Lal featured Emma in a book he brought out and we took a trip down to London to thank him.

“He wanted Emma to go down and do a guest spot in his studio so she went and did a week’s worth of work, also taking some people from Lancaster with her.

“Tim went into Lal’s studio and saw her work and then messaged Emma and said he was interested in getting tattooed by her.

“He came for a coffee and a consultation and was very specific as to what he wanted.

“He said he was saving his forearm for something special “I’m not really a football fan but Tim was just a genuine, great guy and so friendly.

“You never know what to expect really. He did sign a friend’s football top for me and he couldn’t have been a better customer. He wasn’t a diva.

“He is probably the highest profile person we have had in the studio to date. Emma will treat everyone exactly the same whoever they are, regardless of their status. Emma’s work is amazing and she works so hard.

“She specialises in black and grey realism tattoos and has won many awards at tattoo conventions.

“She also travels twice a year to a world famous tattoo shop in Denmark to do a guest spot there. It is amazing what she has been able to achieve in the 14 years she has had the studio.” For more information visit www.auroratattoostudio.co.uk/events.