Estate agency boards send out message

Heysham board picture
Heysham board picture

Hundreds of households across 19 roads in Heysham say they are taking a collective stand against health services privatisation.

“Cameron and Hunt Estate Agency” boards went up in gardens across the area on Wednesday. The collective action is the beginning of a nationwide movement by the People’s NHS across hundreds of neighbourhoods in England, Scotland and Wales.

Heysham south resident Jean Withers said: “Hundreds of households across Heysham South are delivering a clear message by raising ‘stop the sale signs’ in protest over the sell-off of their health services and David Cameron’s refusal to veto the NHS from the dangerous trade deal called TTIP.

“Not only is the government selling off the NHS they are putting it at risk of irreversible privatisation because of TTIP. We expect our local MP to call on Cameron to ensure he uses his veto in Europe to protect the NHS.”