Survey reveals poor state of pavements

Paul Stubbins and Coun Abi Mills
Paul Stubbins and Coun Abi Mills

Residents in Lancaster are wearing socks over their shoes to give them better grip on slippery pavements, according to a city councillor.

A team of volunteers has conducted a survey of the state of pavements in the city, revealing that residents are resorting to extreme measures to avoid injuries.

The survey was organised by Paul Stubbins, who is due to stand in the Lancaster City Council elections for Scotforth West in May.

Mr Stubbins said that the state of the pavements was a major concern for people he had spoken to, especially those with limited mobility and the elderly.

He said: “I appreciate that the council are financially stretched to monitor and repair our pavements and this seemed to be the best way of speeeding up the process.

“Tripping hazards caused by steps and gaps between paving stones and slippery surfaces due to algae and moss seem to be some of the most frequent faults and some of the steeper roads in Bowerham and Greaves can be especially slippery when wet.

“I was really pleased with the response of the many young people who wanted to help out, which has shown a great collective spirit.”

City Coun Abi Mills said she had been approached many times by concerned residents. She said: “It isn’t right that elderly residents or those with buggies are slipping on pavements or else are having to walk in the road in an effort to keep safe.

“Some have even told me of wearing socks over their shoes to give them better grip.”

Sim Lane-Dixon, Lancashire County Council highways manager for Lancaster, said: “We take the safety of everyone who uses our roads and pavements very seriously and have a regime of regular inspection. We assess any defects which are reported to us against our criteria for repair and will fix any which meet the required level.”