Science park still on boil

AN application is being prepared to renew planning permission for infrastructure to serve a science park off the A6 south of Lancaster.

There is currently outline planning permission for a 34,000 sq metre science park and detailed permission for a new access off the A6, construction of an internal spine road and provision of landscaping.

The detailed permission expires on June 29, so the council is seeking to renew it. It has now lodged an application for a “screening opinion” to determine whether it needs to carry out an environmental impact assessment.

A document within the application says an assessment was not considered necessary by the council as part of the original planning permission because “the site does not fall within an environmentally sensitive location and it is considered that the proposed scheme will be largely self-contained.”

The science park scheme, which has been delayed by the economic downturn, also involves Lancaster University and would house technology and knowledge-based businesses and an innovation centre.

It was earlier this year awarded £3m from the government’s Growing Places Fund which will help to pay for the infrastructure works.

That could help make the site more attractive to a potential private development partner.