Property firm fences off city ‘common’

HUNDREDS of metres of spiked metal fencing is being erected around a wooded area in Lancaster that residents have used for generations.

The fence has been erected by the landowner, a Bermuda-based company headed by a Hong Kong businessman.

A site of several acres sandwiched between St George’s Quay and Willow Lane, known as Freeman’s Wood, has been an adventure playground for youngsters for at least 50 years.

Sandra Greaves, 65, of Willow Lane, said she used to play cowboys and indians and spend long summer days building dens in the wooded area as a child.

Today’s children and teenagers also play there but residents now fear the open space is under threat.

Mrs Greaves said: “The wood means an awful lot to me. For one thing it’s become a fantastic wildlife reserve.

“Where is the sense in fencing it off?

“We used to play down there as kids, I must have been 13 or 14.

“We used to build dens, play cowboys and indians, take sandwiches down and spend the whole day there.

“Now it’s just brilliant for dog walking – I still walk down there now after 50 years.

“People round here are willing to do what it takes to save it – it’s a special place.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (19-01-12) for full story.