Old well unearthed in Hest Bank

The well in woodland off Manor Lane, Slyne.
The well in woodland off Manor Lane, Slyne.

AN OLD well has been unearthed and brought back to life in a Hest Bank wood.

Roger Greaves, 65, from Manor Road, Slyne, discovered the well, which is believed to be hundreds of years old, as he was planting an oak tree in woodland off Manor Lane.

“I started digging and after a few hours I looked down and saw a radius of stone,” said the retired fitter.

“I went down about three feet and thought there’s only one thing this could be – and that’s a well.

“I notified the parish council and they were fine with it.

“When the water table rises, the well fills up, and after building up the sides to about two-and-a-half feet, I’m now in the process of installing all the mechanics so that it can be used again.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (14-07-11) for full story.