Lancaster residents to join protests against rising energy bills and cost of living

On Saturday February 12, at 1pm local residents and community campaigners will gather in Lancaster’s Market Square in protest against rising energy, food and housing bills.

By Michelle Blade
Tuesday, 1st February 2022, 3:45 pm

The protest will come after the expected OFGEM announcement that week to allow the doubling of energy bills.

“We are worried many thousands of people in our community will be driven to destitution by these rising bills” said Mary, a local community volunteer who is helping with the protest.

“People’s pay is not rising with the cost of living, but the big energy companies profits are rising. It’s wrong that the poorest are hit hardest while the already rich energy company owners get even more”.

TACU campaigners in Lancaster City Centre last Saturday, gathering public support for the forthcoming protest on February 12.

The protest has been initiated by Lancaster and Morecambe’s new Tenants and Community Union. TACU has been set up to campaign for renters rights in the area against problems like bad housing and unjust eviction threats. The protest is also being supported by other local groups, including Lancaster and Morecambe’s Trades Union Council.

Ian, a TACU member. said: "We have been campaigning on the streets of Lancaster to publicise the protest on the 12. Many local people tell us they are really worried about rising costs of living. On top of this, many landlords are trying to raise the rent. People are at breaking point. That’s why we are launching a Tenants and Community Union.”

The protest and street meeting in Market Square will have a range of speakers from the community and campaigning groups, plus songs and campaigning stalls.

More details about the protest and the Tenants and Community Union can be found on Facebook @taculancs.