Ex-garage could become recycling site

Hodgsons Garage, Thornton Road, Morecambe
Hodgsons Garage, Thornton Road, Morecambe

Scrap metal could be recycled at a former garage if a planning application for a scrap yard at the site is approved.

The application is for Hodgsons Garage on Thornton Road in Morecambe, a former car sales, car repair and servicing, to be able to recycle waste.

This could include plumbers’ waste, such as pipes, cylinders, taps and radiators; electricians’ waste such as cable and general household waste to include boilers, cookers, ovens, kitchen sinks and lead.

Timber would also be recycled and stored for resale and textiles will be brought on site and stored in large sacks ready for resale.

No external changes are proposed for the building, but there are plans to incorporate areas to store and aid the collection of waste.

Jobs will be created for two people. The hours of opening are proposed to be Monday to Friday, 7am until 6pm and Saturday, 7am until 1pm.

The site would be closed on Sundays and bank holidays.

Lancaster City Council’s Environmental Health Services have said that they have no objections to the proposal but have advised that as the premises are located near houses, that the hours of operation should be restricted to 8am until 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am until 1pm on Saturday, including deliveries and loading of vehicles.

They also recommended that all work should be carried out within the building.

No power tools are to be used outside as the cutting up and handling of metal is likely to give rise to noise disturbance.

Hunter Planning Consultants, agent for applicant James Hill, declined to comment about the application.