Dirty business is highlighted on TV

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Latest news.

A TV series highlighting the daily sights and smells encountered by staff and customers of water firm United Utilities features staff who cover the Lancaster area in the final episode.

In the sixth and final episode of the BBC Two observational documentary Watermen: A Dirty Business on May 20, viewers will get a glimpse of two secret super heroes Chris Broughton and Mark Moss who criss-cross the Lancaster, Blackpool and Preston areas preventing streets from being flooded with sewer water. Chris calls his job the “silent service”, because customers often do not see him at work, but prevents problems from becoming major issues effecting people’s lives.

The working day for the two engineers involves solving problems with pumping stations which are not working properly.

These stations help send sewage around the wastewater network.

The final episode of Watermen: A Dirty Business is screened at 9pm.