Council uses solar rays

SOLAR panels are set to be installed on the roofs of council owned buildings as part of a scheme to cut fuel bills and generate income by harnessing the power of the sun.

Lancaster City Council is looking to take advantage of the Government-backed Feed In Tariffs (FIT) scheme and other opportunities to make its own energy and become more energy efficient.

A benefit of this scheme would see the council reducing its energy costs while at the same time generating income by selling electricity to the National Grid.

Coun Tim Hamilton-Cox, Cabinet member with responsibility for climate change initiatives, said: “This investment is pure common sense – not only will it bring down our own electricity bills, it will help to protect the council from future increases in energy prices and will generate an income.

“It’s also good for the local economy as we expect that local companies will benefit from being part of the supply chain and also from local labour being used.

“Reducing the council’s impact on climate change is also one of its key priorities so, all round, it is a significant project and one which has tangible benefits both for the council and the wider community.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (19-01-12) for full story.