Enjoy Summer Camp pop this autumn

Cashier No.9.
Cashier No.9.

A LONDON couple and musical duet, who initially posed as Swedish teenagers who had met at a summer camp, play Lancaster library on Wednesday night.

Summer Camp arrived on the scene in late 2009, and their initial disguise eventually diminished and the band members were revealed to be Jeremy Warmsley and real-life girlfriend Elizabeth Sankey, both from London town.

They released their Young EP last year, described as romantic, dreamy bedroom pop.

Referencing many of their 80s influences, the record is nostalgic, tender, and delicately recorded. It’s very slightly and intentionally out of sync, which leaves the sound slightly frayed.

Jeremy and Elizabeth explore their hazy romantic thoughts and dreams creating a sweet and never overbearing boy-girl blissfulness.

The band played a headline slot on the Get it Loud in Libraries stage at Kendal Calling this year and the tent was packed out, warranting a return to the GILIL stage, this time in its originating city, Lancaster.

The gig starts at 8pm, and tickets, priced at £10, are available from www.getitloudinlibraries.co.uk

See the Lancaster Guardian (03-11-11) for full story.