Enjoy A Splendid Day Out in Morecambe

Victor and the Bully.
Victor and the Bully.

The award winning A Splendid Day Out festival will take place over the weekend of October 12-14 at The Platform and The Alhambra Morecambe.

Friday night starts with an 80s style retro warm up night at The Alhambra headlined by Victor and The Bully.

Saturday and Sunday at The Platform sees an artisan market with entertainment provided by Ash Mandrake and jazz combo The Luca Brasi Four with the ‘fearsome’ Tea Duelling challenge.

Saturday night at The Alhambra is the “Clockwork Extravaganza”.

Join Professor Elemental with his new hip-hop show, Lady Violet Hugh with her treasure chest of songs about life, love and tea, and the talented Madam Zuri Arrosa.

Tickets are available from asplendiddayout.com/tickets.