ELECTION SPECIAL: Results are in on our General Election poll

David Cameron.
David Cameron.

If the results of our Lancaster Guardian poll are anything to go by, then this May’s General Election will be a close-run race.

You couldn’t decide who you most want to be Prime Minister, with Tory leader David Cameron and Labour head Ed Miliband receiving exactly the same number of votes.

Both men scored 25% in our Guardian reader survey to find out your views just three months before the nation goes to the polls on May 7.

Green party leader Natalie Bennett was a close third with 23%, with UKIP boss Nigel Farage gaining 18% of your support. Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg trailed in last with just 8%.

But Mr Cameron was the clear winner when we asked who Guardian readers thought would be PM after the election, with 58% support compared to Mr Miliband’s 35%.

In other results from our survey, you said health policy was the most important issue to you when deciding how to vote.

The second most important was welfare policy, followed by the economy, immigration and a party’s approach to the European Union.

Our survey also asked if you would be voting in the 2015 election, with 88% saying yes, 3% saying no, and 9% undecided.

We asked those of you who won’t be voting for the reason why. One reader said “same as before, I’ve never voted” while another responded “wouldn’t know who to vote for as I don’t follow it”.

When we asked if you voted in the last General Election in 2010, 92% said yes, with 7% saying no, and 1% couldn’t remember.

Sixty-four per cent of you already know how you will vote on May 7, while 9% are unsure, and 27% said they might vote for a different party to their usual affiliation.

But only 29% of you have a strong interest in politics, 49% are reasonably interested, 15% are occasionally interested and 4% aren’t interested at all.

We also asked what type of election stories you’d like to see in the Guardian in the run-up to May 7.

Results showed you’d most like to see articles about hot topics and the policies of the different candidates.

We have listened, so turn to pages six and seven for our feature on all the candidates in Lancaster and Fleetwood.

Most of the people who took part in the poll, which was open to eligible voters, were aged between 45 and 64.

Market researchers carried out the survey across all Johnston Press newspaper titles, with more than 10,000 responses nationwide.


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