ELECTION 2015: Lancaster and Morecambe city council candidates

The General Election is fast approaching
The General Election is fast approaching

The official candidates for Lancaster and Morecambe in this year’s local elections have been confirmed.

The election count for the city council will be held at Salt Ayre Sports Centre on May 9.

There are 60 seats up for election across 27 wards.

The candidates for the Westgate ward are:

Tracey Brown (Labour Party)

Claire Cozler (Labour Party)

Michelle Ogden (UK Independence Party)

David Smith (Labour Party)

Barry Vickers (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Joseph Wilson (Conservative Party)

The candidates for Bare ward are:

Tony Anderson (Morecambe Bay Independents)

June Ashworth (MBI)

Shirley Burns (MBI)

Brett Cooper (Conservative Party)

Charles Edwards (Conservative Party)

Michael Gradwell (Liberal Democrats)

Dilys Greenhalgh (Labour Party)

Richard Martin (Labour Party)

Richard Moriarty (Green Party)

Mark Nelson (UK Independence Party)

Julia Norman (Green Party)

Valerie Rogerson (Labour Party)

The candidates for the Bolton and Slyne ward are:

Harry Armistead (Liberal Democrats)

Thomas Birnie (Green Party)

William Birnie (Green Party)

John Bouskill (Labour Party)

Keith Budden (Independent)

Gwendoline Hood (Labour Party)

Susan Lomax

Molly Roberts (Labour Party)

Sylvia Rogerson (Conservative Party)

James Thomas (Conservative Party)

John Wild (Conservative Party)

The candidates for the Bulk ward are:

Matthew Atkins (UK Independence Party)

William Brooks (Conservative Party)

Howard Dodgson (Conservative Party)

Tim Hamilton-Cox (Green Party)

Caroline Jackson (Green Party)

Cathy Jamieson (Labour Party)

Andrew Kay (Green Party)

Peter Rivet (Labour Party)

Nickey Russell (Conservative Party)

Miles Taylor (Labour Party)

The candidates for the Carnforth and Millhead ward are:

Kevin Frea (Green Party)

Paul Gardner (Labour Party)

Mel Guilding (Conservative Party)

Fran Hanna (Labour Party)

Christopher Leadbetter (Conservative Party)

Bob Roe (Labour Party)

Peter Yates (Conservative Party)

The candidates for the Castle ward are:

Dave Brookes (Green Party)

Chris Brown (Conservative Party)

Ryan Cushley-Spendiff (Conservative Party)

Anthony Cutter (Independent)

Michael Doherty (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Michael Mumford (Liberal Democrats)

Tom Sweeney (Labour Party)

Nick Wilkinson (Green Party)

Peter Wilson (Labour Party)

The candidates for the Ellel ward are:

Nicholas Beddoe (Green Party)

Susie Charles (Conservative Party)

Helen Helme (Conservative Party)

David Hill (Labour Party)

Andrew Lee (Green Party)

Ben Whittingham (Labour Party)

The candidates for the Halton-with-Aughton ward are:

Bob Bauld (Green Party)

Catarina Finnerty (Labour Party)

Daniel Gibbins (Conservative Party)

Paul Woodruff

The candidates for the Harbour ward are:

Darren Clifford (Labour Party)

Joanne Corless (Green Party)

Jason Firth (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Janice Hanson (Labour Party)

Pat Hibbins (Conservative Party)

Terry Ingle (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Steven Ogden (UK Independence Party)

David Whitaker (Labour Party)

The candidates for the Heysham Central ward are:

Carla Brayshaw (Labour Party)

David Brayshaw (Labour Party)

Geoff Knight (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Elliot Layfield (Conservative Party)

Cary Matthews (Morecambe Bay Independents)

The candidates for the Heysham North ward are:

James Fletcher (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Margaret Pattison (Labour Party)

Dave Porter (UK Independence Party)

Ronald Sands (Labour Party)

Hayley Schofield (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Adam Towers (Conservative Party)

Ulrike Zeshan (Green Party)

The candidates for the Heysham South ward are:

Stuart Bateson (Conservative Party)

Alan Biddulph (Labour Party)

Ian Clift (Labour Party)

Mike Greenall (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Colin Hartley (Labour Party)

Mark Knight (UK Independence Party)

Richard Rollins (Conservative Party)

The candidates for the John O`Gaunt ward are:

Mary Blamire (Labour Party)

Ali Dodgson (Conservative Party)

Phil Dunster (Liberal Democrats)

Heather Hilton (Green Party second choice candidate)

Mick Jackson (Conservative Party)

Richard Newman-Thompson (Labour Party)

Elizabeth Scott (Labour Party)

Chris Watkins (Green Party first choice candidate)

Rebecca Whittle (Green Party third choice candidate)

Luke Worrall (Conservative Party)

The candidates for the Kellet ward are:

John Mace (Conservative Party)

Jean Taylor (Labour Party)

Mark Westcombe (Green Party)

The candidates for the Lower Lune Valley ward are:

Ryan Bartle (Labour Party)

Marco Ciciriello (Liberal Democrats)

Tamsin Hartley (Labour Party)

Joan Jackson (Conservative Party)

Jan Maskell (Green Party)

Jane Parkinson (Conservative Party)

Joyce Pritchard (Liberal Democrats)

Mike Wright (Green Party)

The candidates for the Marsh ward are:

Jon Barry (Green Party)

Andrew Gierke (Labour Party)

Michael Loat

Rebecca Novell (Green Party)

Valerie Pearson (Labour Party)

Gus Rankin (Conservative Party)

Holly Sheppard (Conservative Party)

Mark Warburton (Liberal Democrats)

The candidates for the Overton ward are:

Andrew Gardiner (Conservative Party)

Matt Hood (Labour Party)

Keith Sowden (Independent)

Pamela White (Green Party)

The candidates for the Poulton ward are:

Graham Agnew (Conservative Party)

Vicky Boyd-Power (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Godfrey Danson (UK Independence Party)

Tricia Heath (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Brendan Hughes (Labour Party)

Clare Long-Summers (Green Party lead candidate)

Terrie Metcalfe (Labour Party)

Becky Stevens (Green Party)

The candidates for the Scotforth East ward are:

Daniel Aldred (Conservative Party)

Kyran Darnton (Liberal Democrats)

Frank Ledwith (Green Party)

James Leyshon (Labour Party)

Robin Long (Liberal Democrats)

Gisela Renolds (Green Party)

Patricia Whitehead (Labour Party)

Helen Wilson (Conservative Party)

The candidates for the Scotforth West ward are:

Sheila Denwood (Labour Party)

Ronnie Kershaw (Labour Party)

Rebecca Long (Liberal Democrats)

Steve Metcalfe (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Abi Mills (Green Party first choice candidate)

Chris Norman (Green Party third choice candidate)

Val Outram (Conservative Party)

Paul Stubbins (Green Party second choice candidate)

Janet Walton (Conservative Party)

Kevan Walton (Conservative Party)

John Whitehead (Labour Party)

The candidates for the Silverdale ward are:

Rex Ambler (Green Party)

Sarah Fishwick

Nigel Goodrich (Conservative Party)

June Greenwell (Liberal Democrats)

Brenda Rockall (Labour Party)

The candidates for the Skerton East ward are:

Abbott Bryning (Labour Party)

David Fleet (Green Party)

Jennifer George (Conservative Party)

Janet Hall (Labour Party)

Jean O’Neill (Green Party

Robert Redfern (Labour Party)

Stephen Riley (Green Party)

Steven Swarbrick

The candidates for the Skerton West ward are:

Rob Devey (Labour Party)

John Harrison (Independent)

Harris Kaloudis (Green Party)

Karen Leytham (Labour Party)

Geoff Marsden (Conservative Party)

Michael Riley (Green Party)

Niall Semple (UK Independence Party)

Roger Sherlock (Labour Party)

The candidates for the Torrisholme ward are:

Thomas Barney (Liberal Democrats)

Daren Chandisingh (Green Party)

Roger Dennison (Morecambe Bay Independents)

Robert Gillespie (UK Independence Party)

Geoff Marsland (Morecambe Bay Independents)

John Reynolds (Labour Party)

Andrew Warriner (Labour Party)

Phillippa Williamson (Conservative Party)

The candidates for the University and Scotforth Rural ward are:

Sam Armstrong (Green Party)

Dan Astley (Conservative Party)

Lucy Atkinson (Labour Party)

Lee Dickson (Conservative Party)

Ice Dong (Conservative Party)

Jack Filmore (Green Party)

Jo Gadsden (Green Party)

Pippa Hepworth (Liberal Democrats)

Jamie Lawson (Liberal Democrats)

Matt Mann (Labour Party)

Oliver Mountjoy (Liberal Democrats)

Clare Robinson (Labour Party)

The candidates for the Upper Lune Valley ward are:

Jack Hoad (Labour Party)

Catriona Stamp (Green Party)

Peter Williamson (Conservative Party)

The candidates for the Warton ward are:

Janette Gardner (Labour Party)

Stuart Langhornm (Indepent)

Susan Sykes (Conservative Party)

Sue Tyldesley (Green Party)