Elderly enjoy Christmas party at Milnthorpe mill

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Elderly residents living in the Milnthorpe area enjoyed the annual Christmas party organised by Heron Corn Mill.

The event, which was previously held in Milnthorpe but is now based The Barn at Heron Corn Mill in Beetham, is catered for on site in the Shepherd’s Hut, which is regularly used for the mill’s social bread making group, Bread of Heron.

The party was assisted by staff and volunteers including the setting up of the room and assisting the guests throughout the event, as well as cooking the full Christmas meal for 31 people.

Heron Corn Mill has been running an annual Christmas party for the elderly for the past 13 years.

Initially the party was held in Milnthorpe, but as venues closed and the mill became more accessible and developed, the party has been held in the barn.

Supported by The Henry Herd Charity and countless products donors over the years, such as Robin Reed International, Lakeland, Asda, Bako North West and Booths Milnthorpe, the event is very popular with older residents of Beetham, Milnthorpe, Arnside and Storth areas.

Entertainment was provided by the Bread and Butter Theatre Company.