Egg-citing times ahead as Furry Gruff pops in

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SUPER Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys made a surprise visit to the city last week to “add his magic” to a new single by Lancaster band The Lovely Eggs.

Eggs’ singer and guitarist Holly Blackwell, who shares the stage with her husband and drummer/multi-instrumentalist David, said she was honoured to welcome a musician of Rhys’ calibre to Lancaster.

And the duo were also pretty excited to find out that Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe had sampled a track from their latest album Cob Dominos, to feature on rapper and vocalist Scroobius Pip’s new album, out in September.

Rhys, who has recently worked with the likes of Gorillaz and Mogwai, was nominated for a Mercury Award in 2008 for his collaborative work as Neon Neon.

He has been touring solo at festivals this year, and headed up to Lancaster from Cardiff last Tuesday, spending the night at the Sun Hotel, in between marathon recording sessions with The Lovely Eggs at Lancaster Musician’s Co-Op.

Holly said: “It was just brilliant.

“He was here for two days, and we worked on the new track Allergies, which will be released on 2Pure Singles Club on December 5.

“It’s got a kind of 1960s style vibe, which is why we thought he would be perfect to produce it, we didn’t just want anyone.

“We just thought ‘wouldn’t it be brilliant if he could add his magic to it’, and we heard he was into us, so we dropped his agent a line to see if he was interested, and he got back really quickly and said yes.

“He was more than happy to come to us here in Lancaster, which is great because it just proves you don’t have to be somewhere like London to do things like this, and we’re really proud of coming from Lancaster.

“He was a really nice guy, we got on with him really well, he had some great ideas for the track.

“It was just an honour to have him here.”

On the Zane Lowe sample front, Holly said she hadn’t a clue about it until she got an email from Scroobius Pip (AKA David Meads) to say “you’ve been sampled!”.

“I don’t know how Zane Lowe got hold of it,” mused Holly, “but we’re honoured that he did.

“The song is I’m A Journalist, and it will form part of Scroobius Pip’s song Death of the Journalist, on his new album Distraction Pieces, which I think is out on September 19.”

With hardly a pause to take it all in, The Lovely Eggs have now started a European tour taking in Germany and France, before a UK tour that will include a visit to the Yorkshire House in Lancaster on October 30, a day before their single Panic Plants, from Cob Dominos, comes out on Cherryade Records.

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