Who is the Nursery School of the Year 2016?

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It’s finally here, the votes are in and we can finally announce the winner of the Lancaster Guardian's Nursery Of The Year 2016.

Since March we have asked you to vote for who you thought should be given the coveted crown of the best nursery in the area. We wanted you to take into consideration what it was that you thought gave your nursery of choice the right to be the number one in the area.

And you did, thanks to the strength of this year’s entrants we’ve had hundreds of votes registered for the nursery you thought was the best that featured in the top 10. But in the end there could be only one winner, the Smile Day Nursery, High Biggins, Kirkby, Lonsdale, LA6 2NP.

In second place came Brookdale Day Nursery Ltd and in third place came Hornby Day Nursery. We thank all the nurseries that participated and hope that they all enter again next year to see if they can win in 2017!