‘Serious offer’ for doomed nursery

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Plans to close a Lancaster nursery have been halted after its owners revealed a “serious offer” to buy the property.

Westbourne House Day Nursery owners CfBT told parents at a meeting on Tuesday evening that a discussion with the Board of Trustees should be held before the end of July.

Dr Richard Bourne, speaking on behalf of the nursery’s Parents’ Group, said: “We are thankful that CfBT continues to pursue the sale of Westbourne House as a going concern.

“Both parents and staff have expended a great deal of time and energy seeking to encourage and support this effort.

The prospect of our children losing such role-models and care from their lives was distressing for us all.

The action group was set up in May after parents were told Westbourne House Day Nursery was to close in August. They were told that owners CfBT had failed in their attempts to sell the nursery commercially.

Carol Glover, UK contracts director at CfBT Education Trust, said: “We have received a last minute offer from a local consortium to purchase Westbourne House Day Nursery as an ongoing concern.

“As we are committed to doing all that we can to find a buyer for the nursery that will allow the children to stay at the same setting, staff to retain their employment and that meets our criteria, we are unable to make a decision on the future of the nursery until this offer has been fully considered.

“It is our intention to seek a decision regarding this offer from our trustees as soon as possible so that we can confirm to both parents and staff the future of the nursery.”