School struck by sickness bug

Alison Aylott, headteacher of Scotforth St Paul's CE School.
Alison Aylott, headteacher of Scotforth St Paul's CE School.

Almost a quarter of the children at Scotforth CE Primary School were struck down with a sickness bug.

In the last week, 57 of the school’s 238 pupils – along with one member of staff – were affected by a suspected outbreak of viral gastroenteritis.

Scotforth head Alison Aylott said: “I can confirm that we have had a suspected outbreak of a viral gastroenteritis. Some of our children showed symptoms associated with norovirus.

“We’ve followed our usual procedures, and have taken advice from Public Health England, who tell us that high levels of viral gastroenteritis are currently circulating in the community.

“We have told parents about the situation and included extra cleaning measures. Since this happened, the number of new cases has reduced significantly and the school remains open.

“Pupils showing any symptoms were collected from school and we advised parents to keep children showing symptoms at home for 48 hours.

“We ask parents to help us by looking out for any symptoms.”

As the Guardian went to press on Wednesday, three children were still off school, as part of the 48 hours they needed to get over the bug.

Mrs Aylott added: “We’re pleased that things are returning to normal and I’d like to thank our staff and parents for helping us to deal with this matter swiftly.”