School’s innovative new greenhouse is opened by MP

New eco- greenhouse at Moorside Primary School
New eco- greenhouse at Moorside Primary School

An innovative new school greenhouse was opened by Lancaster and Fleetwood MP Eric Ollerenshaw recently.

Pupils at Moorside Primary School in Lancaster helped to build the structure from empty plastic bottles.

The school said the greenhouse represents the school’s commitment to recycling, and at the same time has created the ideal place for children to cultivate seeds and plants before planting them outside in raised beds.

Mr Ollerenshaw met members of Moorside’s active school council who explained how the greenhouse was built.

One of the pupils said: “We collected bottles and our teacher and a parent helped us to make a frame and then attach all the bottles to make a roof and walls.

“It’s really strong and big enough to grow lots of plants. Last year we grew flowers, fruit and vegetables outside. This year we will be able to grow some things in the greenhouse too.”

The school said the greenhouse is just one part of the outdoor learning opportunities taking place in Moorside’s extensive grounds.