School reopens after snow and high winds

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After the snow and high winds, reopening Tatham Fells Primary School this week was a breeze!

The adverse weather on Friday resulted in an unavoidable closure of the school after the heavy snow and high winds caused snowdrifts of up to 8ft high which led to the closure of Lowgill Lane and linking routes for a day and a half.

However, the whole school community came together to ensure school could re-open on Monday, and with only two families still trapped by the snow, 53 pupils were able to return to school.

It took 36 hours to clear the main route to school. Alongside the snow ploughs, local farmers and parents with diggers cleared a significant number of roads and lanes for families at the school.

School governors carved access through the high snowdrifts to create an entrance to the school building.

At 7am on Monday, staff set about clearing a safe drop off areas for pupils on the side of the road outside school.

For the duration of the week, due to the high snow drifts that remain and without any space for parking, staff are greeting children each morning on the roadside and escorting them into school.

The single file restrictions on many parts of the route caused great concern at the beginning of the week, however encouraging parents to car-share whenever possible has resulted in a significantly fewer number of cars on the route.

A phased collection at the end of the school day ensures that there are no more than 10 cars picking pupils up at one time and staff can safely hand pupils to their parents.

Parents have been overwhelmingly supportive of the school’s effort to ensure pupils learning is not disrupted by the adverse conditions.

Everyone’s effort has again united the support given to the school and everyone at the school is incredibly grateful.