School learns on an international level

IPC Olympics unit in action at Grosvenor Park Primary School.
IPC Olympics unit in action at Grosvenor Park Primary School.

Children at Grosvenor Park Primary School in Morecambe are now learning with the International Primary Curriculum which has made an enormous impact on the school.

“Our intention with the IPC was to broaden our children’s horizons; we really wanted to share with them that there was much more to the world than just Morecambe!” said headteacher of Grosvenor Park Primary, Kevin Kendall.

“It’s worked! Not only have our children begun to appreciate a global perspective, but their learning in general has been so much more active and independent.”

It’s not just the learning that’s now going on which has made an impact on the school, it’s the excitement for the learning too.

“Our teachers have been more enthused with their planning; their delivery of lessons more exciting and the buzz around the school is, quite simply, astonishing.

“As the Headteacher, I am also pleased that what was an experiment in finding out what’s out there in the world, has also brought our school closer together through a unified and creative curriculum.”

Grosvenor Park Primary is one of several schools in the Lancashire area now learning with the International Primary Curriculum.

The International Primary Curriculum is the only comprehensive curriculum in the world equally committed to improving learning and developing international mindedness.

It focuses on developing knowledge, skills and understanding of subjects set within a range of child-friendly, relevant, cross-curricular and rigorous thematic units of work which are creative and challenging for primary and Early Years children of all abilities.

It is the curriculum of choice for schools in 80 countries around the world including over 1,000 schools throughout the UK.