Primary school admission figures hold steady

Latest news.
Latest news.

Nearly 90 per cent of parents of four-year-olds in Lancashire are getting the primary school they want, despite high pupil numbers.

And a further 8.6 per cent are being offered a place at their second or third choice school – both figures slightly better than last year’s.

At a time when many local authorities are struggling to cope with a rising birth rate, Lancashire County Council’s management of the numbers of school places means that the vast majority of new starters will be lining up in the playground of their preferred school.

County Coun Matthew Tomlinson, cabinet member for children, young people and schools, said: “This is an exciting but tense time of year for parents as they find out whe! re their children will be going on their first day of school.

“We’ve seen a rise in the birth rate in parts of the county, as indeed other local authorities have elsewhere in the country.

“But with careful planning, and the temporary or permanent expansion of some primary schools, we’ve once again been able to offer every child in Lancashire a school place.

“I’m very pleased to see that like last year, almost 90 per cent of parents have gained their first preference, and this figure is likely to rise as appeals are heard.

“However, I know it can be very disappointing for parents if they are one of the few who don’t get one of their preferences, and our local admissions teams will be happy to give information and advice.”

Hundreds of extra school places have been created around the county in the past two years to help meet growing demand.

A total of 13,077 children have received primary school place offers this year.

Initial offers will give over 88 per cent their first preference, with a further 8.6 per cent getting their second or third preferences.

Just 2.9 per cent, or 380 families, have not got any of their preferences.

For advice and information on school admissions and appeals, parents in Lancaster and Wyre can telephone area education offices on 01524 581112 or 581134.

All those whose initial offer is not for their preferred school will automatically receive a form with information about waiting lists and appeals.

Appeals are heard locally and those for Lancashire primary schools will take place in June and July 2014.