Motorists told to cut speed near school

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Latest news.

Drivers near Yealand CE Primary School have been asked to cut their speed by Lancashire County Council.

A part-time advisory 20mph speed limit for the school, Footeran Lane and Flat Lane in Yealand have been approved by County Coun John Fillis, cabinet member for highways and transport following consultation into the plans.

It follows a traffic count outside the school which found the mean speed at key times to be 25mph.

Once the advisory speed limit has been imposed, the county council will look to re-assess the speeds to see what impact the new limit has had and will also work with the school in order to embed the new limit and raise awareness among pupils, parents and the wider community.

Speed Indicator Devices (known commonly as ‘smiley face devices’) are also to be deployed to act as a positive reinforcement of the speed limit.

Following consultation with local residents, the advisory speed will be extended to include Footeran Lane and Flat Lane.

Lancashire County Council is committed to introducing either advisory or mandatory 20mph speed limits in all main residential areas and outside schools.

The possibility of installing footpaths near Yealand CE Parimary School was deemed unsuitable by the council due to the lack of road width.