Morecambe schoolchildren learn how to stay safe online

The class winners.
The class winners.

Children at Great Wood Primary School have been learning how to keep safe online during their annual E-Safety week.

Each class had a particular focus during the week ranging from learning about personal information in Year 1, what to do when feeling unsafe online in Year 2, email safety in Year 3, website validity in Year 4, safe texting and online chatting in Year 5 and how to create safe profiles in Year 6.

Oliver with his poster and prize.

Oliver with his poster and prize.

E-Safety messages were reinforced to the infants during a special assembly with Harvey Rush. Using magic tricks and songs, Harvey explained about the importance of keeping personal information safe and what to do if they unsafe online.

The E-Safety week ended with a special competition.

Every child designed an E-Safety poster with the aim of advising others how to keep safe online. Each class chose a winner with an overall winner announced in assembly. Oliver, in Year 4, won an iPad mini which was kindly donated by Ed-IT Solutions, who provide IT support to Great Wood.

Nigel Kirkham, Lancashire advisor, was also brought in by the school to speak to staff and parents about the importance of keeping safe online and provided practical advice.

Hannah McPartlin, computing subject leader and reception teacher, who organised the week, said: “We are very proud of the children for understanding the importance of keeping safe online and their ability to apply this to their wonderful posters.”

Rob Smith, deputy headteacher, added: “E-Safety is just one part of our PSHE curriculum which prepares our children to manage the many opportunities and challenges they will face growing up in such rapidly changing and challenging times.

“We teach them the skills needed to connect and apply the knowledge and understanding they learn in all subjects to practical, real-life situations while helping them to feel safe and secure enough to fulfil their potential.”