LRGS features in new Academy magazine

LANCASTER Royal Grammar School has featured in a new magazine aimed at academy schools.

The launch edition of Academy Magazine features Jenny Cornell and Rose Welshman from the school’s development office, who explain why marketing and branding is as important in the state sector as it is in independent schools.

They point out that while marketing and development offices are well established in the independent sector nowadays, they are still fairly new in the state sector.

However, they say state schools cannot be complacent, because parents nowadays have more choice than ever before.

“Schools must be as competitive as possible and be able to convince parents to entrust their children to them,” they point out. A strong brand is instantly recognisable; it differentiates itself from its competitors, it creates a long-term relationship between the school and customer (ie parents or other stakeholders), it is consistent and gives assurance to its customers.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (03-11-11) for full story.