Green fingered kids get stuck into school garden

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Every Monday lunch time at Wilson’s Endowed School at Over Kellet, you will see a group of children, putting on their gardening gloves, grabbing their secateurs, running outside and calling out to their group leader, asking questions like ‘can we compost today?’

Helen Wain, a horticulturist in the Lancaster area, gives up her time every Monday lunchtime to educate the children who attend her gardening club.

Luckily for the students at Wilson’s Endowed, head Jo Williams believed it was vitally important that children know where their food comes from, and created an edible garden.

The children voluntarily attend this group and learn how to plant certain fruits and vegetables and different times of the year, how to compost and fertilise, prune and more importantly Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.

All items grown in the garden are used in the school kitchen and any surplus is offered for sale to teachers-the monies feeding back into the school.

Helen, who has been involved in eco and horticulture all her life, said: “ It’s brilliant to see the children outside, enjoying getting dirty and the conversations we have together are just fantastic.

“They are so knowledgeable not only about the planting cycle, but they are very aware of wildlife that visits our garden and hibernation seems to be quite the topic right now!’

Mrs Williams is keen that all her students are involved with some sort of social action programme (betterment of the pupil/ school/ community) and offers many clubs that all her students can be involved with.

All of these clubs are registered with Children’s University, a National programme that rewards children for learning new activities outside of the normal school structured day.