Great relief when exams end

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There’s no feeling to match the bliss of sitting in your last exam and hearing the words: “put down your pen please”.

Students take a deep breath, hand in their papers and leave – relieved of the burdens of the exam.

For weeks they revised, stuck at a desk making notes and learning a syllabus of which, realistically, only about 25 per cent would actually be tested in the exam.

They soldiered bravely on, through the past papers and exemplar answers, to this: their release.

The experience is likely to have left its mark. Many students will have put on weight from excess snacking during the revision period. Others won’t have been able to eat a thing. Most will have endured an outbreak of stress spots.

Nearly all parents will have noticed a huge decrease in their child’s willingness to do chores, as the task of revision seems to be all they can manage. Personally, I took up the hobby of bird watching. This activity involved staring mindlessly out of my window watching blackbirds soar through the air, feeling incredibly jealous of their seeming freedom.

Joy of joys, I am now one of those birds. Finished with my exams, I have two weeks of freedom!

Up and down the country students will be feeling the same rush of excitement.

Unencumbered by concern about the results of the recent exams, which won’t appear on their horizons until this August, they are released into the summer. Festivals, campouts and holidays will be the reward. They deserve it.

Maddie Hobbs, aged 17, Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School