Gove had ‘lost the support’ 
of teachers

Michael Gove
Michael Gove

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) in Lancashire has welcomed news that Michael Gove will no longer be the Education Secretary.

The move, which will see Mr Gove become chief whip instead, was announced on Tuesday as part of a major reshuffle in parliament.

Sam Ud-din, Lancashire NUT Secretary said: “Michael Gove has clearly lost the support of the profession and parents for justifiable reasons.

“His vision for education is simply wrong. His pursuit of the unnecessary and often unwanted free schools and academies programme, the use of unqualified teachers, the failure to address the school place crisis and endless ill-thought out reforms to examinations and the curriculum have been his hallmark in office.

“Michael Gove’s search for headlines over speaking with the profession has clearly angered teachers.”

Mr Ud-din said the NUT remained in dispute over the direction of government policy, which it believes is undermining the education service. He added: “Not just the Secretary of State, but the policy too must change.

“We will be seeking a very early meeting with Nicky Morgan, the incoming Education Secretary, and we look forward to, not only a new personality, but a more conciliatory approach, one that demonstrates an improvement in policy for children, teachers and young people.

“But if this is not so, then we will continue to escalate action in the Autumn.”

Schools across the district closed for the holidays this week.