Drilling back through time

Dr Yani Najman.
Dr Yani Najman.

A Lancaster University environmental scientist has been taking part in a massive international research effort drilling for environmental clues buried deep beneath the Indian Ocean.

In a ship festooned in razor wire to deter pirates, Dr Yani Najman set sail from Singapore with the 30-strong team of researchers and over 100 crew, to drill for Himalayan sediment, 3,500m below the surface of the Ocean.

This Himalayan sediment contains important clues about climate patterns going back millions of years. Dr Najman particularly hopes it will yield information about the very earliest history of the Himalayas.

The ship’s drill crew stabilises the vessel before the drill and collection pipe are fed down and samples are then collected and brought to the surface every few hours. To follow their adventures, go to http://joidesresolution.org/node/3760.