Day of fun and education for Dallam students

Year 9 students enjoy a lesson in forensic science.
Year 9 students enjoy a lesson in forensic science.

Dallam School was recently transformed into – in places – a scene closer to Silent Witness than a secondary school!

The change came about as part of a day of different events for the whole school, in which Year 9 was immersed in a forensic science day in which they had to develop skills needed to investigate and analyse evidence to solve a crime.

The scene was set and a full crime lab was available to analyse evidence from two gruesome crime scenes.

This included collecting blood samples (non-human!), students being fully clothed in correct protective wear and given the chance to experience and learn about blood analysis, finger printing, and drug testing.

They were expected to analyse the clues provided to solve the crime – a very dirty deed!

This challenging and exciting experience with hands-on help from professionals in the field has opened their eyes to problem solving skills they may not have thought they had.

Meanwhile, over in Year 7, Captain Scott’s expedition to Antartica came under scrutiny as students investigated problems related to life in a cold climate.

Working in teams, they considered, discussed, analysed and solved physical, mental and communication problems which culminated in their presentation in the form of dramatic news reports.

With the help of ‘Tomorrow’s Engineers’, Year 8 became just that as they experienced a cornucopia of lively practical experiments bringing engineering solutions to life, with pistons, wheels, balloons, a trebuchet and LED lights amongst the many everyday items.

Teams competed against each other in robotic challenges, enabling them to understand the principles of movement and cooperation, essentially working things out together.

Year 10 had their heads down in study skills sessions whilst Year 11 took part in the Sixth Form Taster Day where 168 Year 11 students, including 20 from other local schools, attended taster sessions in subjects they are interested in after GCSE.

The students experienced a wide range of A-level, International Baccalaureate and IB Career Certificate courses as well as having the opportunity to sample a day in the life of a sixth former.

Year 12 visited the University Of Cumbria library in Lancaster while Year 13 applied what they already know about research and study skills.