Creative students penned their own brand of history

Learning about history - Morecambe High pupils learned about The Second World War  from locals.
Learning about history - Morecambe High pupils learned about The Second World War from locals.

Schoolchildren have been bringing history to life - via the stage.

More than 30 year seven to nines from Morecambe Community High donned the circle at The Dukes in Lancaster to take part in an outreach project run in conjunction with Lancaster University.

The Heritage day initiative was designed to teach youngsters about their local heritage through the medium of performing arts.

The teens were given a talk by two local women who experienced life in Heysham during WW2 offering insightful detail about VE Day and evacuation.

Also on the timetable was a look into at the Mods and Rocker phenomenon which gripped post-war Britain in the 1960’s.

This was followed by an excellent poetry workshop which used both the Second World War and the 1960s as inspiration.

The school’s head of drama Mr Colin Campbell,said: “The students thrived at this task and produced some superb couplets which were in turn used as a basis for dialogue when constructing the characters the children would portray in the play which closed the project.”

A music class led by Leroy from More Music based in the West End of Morecambe. saw students creating there own original sixties-themed song as well as a techno song based on the keyboard orientated music which was prevalent two decades later in the 1980s.

Mr Campbell said: “ After adding some fantastic choreography the students were ready to perform for their parents who had been invited to the Dukes to witness the outcome of the days’ work. The energetic performance which lasted 20 minutes was the culmination of a productive day of learning, developing and creating which was beneficial and rewarding to each and every child present.”