College evacuated following suspected gas leak

Lancaster and Morecambe College.
Lancaster and Morecambe College.

Lancaster and Morecambe College was evacuated last Friday morning after a car ploughed into a parked vehicle and then a gas main.

Fire crews were called out at 9am on March 28 when a Vauxhall Astra hit a parked Audi A1 and then a gas main in the college’s car park off Torrisholme Road.

Lancashire police said that the 45-year-old driver of the Astra did not suffer serious injuries, but was treated at the scene for shock and whiplash.

The occupant of the Audi was unhurt.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue said the college was evacuated as a precaution. Pupils were sent home on Friday as there was no hot water or central heating.

It re-opened on Monday following repair work.

The college’s sports centre was closed also for the weekend.

PC Shaun Canning, from Lancaster police’s Road Policing Unit, who attended the scene said: “It was extremely fortunate that the large gas mains pipe was not ruptured but remained intact considering the impact from the Astra.”