Dukes maps out Holocaust Memorial Day

Catalonia baby gown by Catriona Stamp.
Catalonia baby gown by Catriona Stamp.

A THEATRE has mapped out how it will commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day which falls on January 27.

An exhibition will be staged in the gallery at the Dukes, Moor Lane, from January 9 to 29. On January 18, the cinema screens a film to coincide with this year’s theme – Speak Up, Speak Out.

The exhibition, entitled (Dis)Placement, is by Lancaster-based artist Catriona Stamp, who has been involved with the city’s commemoration of Holocaust

Memorial Day for 10 years.

A Dukes spokesman said: “Catriona has transformed maps into clothes as she explores how the intimate surroundings of place and clothing can affect and reflect identity with particular reference to Jewish heritage.

“Catriona collected European maps bought from a stall in Lancaster and from Carnforth Bookshop, while others just arrived on her doorstep.

The resulting clothes will hang, as if on a line, empty of their owner.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (05-01-12) for full story.