Drama at the pub

Kieran Buckeridge and Ella Vale in rehearsal for Two.
Kieran Buckeridge and Ella Vale in rehearsal for Two.

LANCASTER’S newest – and most temporary – pub will see plenty of drama between a real life husband and wife.

Dukes actors Kieran Buckeridge and Ella Vale will appear as landlord and landlady in the Lancaster theatre’s production of Two, the first time they’ve played a married couple on stage.

Kieran and Ella Vale first met in 2006 when they appeared in Private Lives at Keswick’s Theatre by the Lake.

Kieran said: “I’m 6ft 2ins and Ella’s 5ft so we were cast as a comedy duo. Then, in a Christmas Carol I played Bob Cratchitt and Ella played my daughter, Martha.”

Despite both having extensive theatre careers, Kieran and Ella have never appeared as a married couple on stage so playing landlord and landlady in Two will be a new experience.

Ella said: “We’ve actually found being married helpful in rehearsals for Two as we have a kind of shorthand with each other.

“During the early days of rehearsal we were taking our work home with us as there were so many lines to learn and we found ourselves discussing the play but working in the same job we tend to do that anyway.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (06-10-11) for full story.