Dog walker pleads with motorists to slow down

Barley Cop Lane.
Barley Cop Lane.

A concerned dog walker said he fears an accident will happen soon if motorists are not forced to slow down on a 
Lancaster road.

The man, who does not wish to be named, regularly walks along Barley Cop Lane and said he has seen various shocking incidents including cars travelling at up to 60mph along the lane.

Barley Cop Lane.

Barley Cop Lane.

The road has clear 20mph signs at its junction with Torrisholme Road, where the entrance has recently been upgraded by Costain as part of the link road work.

“Some of the speeds I have seen are terrifying,” the man, who lives in Hest Bank, said.

“The only satisfactory solution is to put speed bumps or traffic calming measures but I have been told it would inconvenience the hearses going to the crematorium.

“It seems that every time I walk down there, there’s an incident of some kind and sooner or later there will be a nasty accident.

“I think Costain have done more than they need to to help matters.

“Ultimately the responsibility has to be with the county council or the police but there seems to be a reluctance to solve the problem until there is an accident.”

Dan Chalmers, highways manager for Lancaster said: “We have received some reports from members of the public of speeding on Barley Cop Lane and responded by including the road on the list of sites for circulation of a Speed Indicator Device, which encourage drivers to observe the limit by making them more aware of their speed.

“An interactive sign was deployed on Barley Cop Lane last week. We’ll continue to monitor the situation.”