Does this photo show the ghost of man's wife?

A Lancaster photographer was asked to complete one of his more unusual jobs '“ repairing an old photograph which appears to feature a ghostly figure.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 20th January 2017, 7:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 25th January 2017, 10:52 am
The original photo.
The original photo.

Former Guardian snapper Steve Pendrill was passed a glass negative from a photo of an Edwardian gentleman.

But is also has the ghostly figure of the man’s late wife hovering above him.

The negative was passed to Steve by Heysham resident William Robinson, who found it among some old family photographs.

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The restored photo.

William said: “We have had the negative in the family for as long as I can remember; it belonged to my mother’s parents.

“I remember we also had the physical photograph as well.

“I was looking at some other photos which I wanted to be repaired and found this one among them so i thought I would get it done as well.”

William said he didn’t know who the couple were, but it is believed they lived in the south of England.

The restored photo.

“My mother is from London and the photos were always kept down there, but they it was in an envelope with a Plymouth postmark.

“It is an Edwardian man judging by the clothes he is wearing. In those days they wouldn’t have had any technology to mess about with the image.”

Steve said: “I get asked to digitally restore customer’s creased or damaged old photos quite often as part of my work, but never before had I been asked to restore a photo which included a ghost!

“It has certainly become a talking point on my Facebook page. It was fascinating if a little unnerving, especially as the photo looked quite genuine to me.”