Designer jacket found in city Oxfam shop

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Latest news.

A designer jacket discovered in Lancaster’s Oxfam shop is set to raise hundreds of pounds for the charity when it is put up for auction later this month.

The jacket, by top designer Dries Van Noten, was spotted by Elena Gifford and Amanda Brooks, the design team from Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway’s Vintage by the Sea festival, which takes place in Morecambe this Saturday.

Amanda wanted to create a stylish, vintage inspired costume for a statue of Eric Morecambe, ahead of the festival. The Oxfam store manager Tony Harney, invited her and Elena to the shop to look for items they could re-cycle and re-design.

Amanda said: “When we were looking though the clothes we unearthed a jacket that looked really unusual and very fashionable.

“I thought it would be great inspiration for the quirky, up cycled, vintage look I wanted to achieve for the statue.

“I had been planning to make Eric’s costume by using pieces of fabric from lots of different clothes, but the jacket was far too stylish to cut up.

“It was only when Elena examined it further that she realised it was a really special find; a very valuable piece by top designer Dries Van Noten.”

The jacket retails at approximately £650 and is medium sized. It was part of a collaboration between the designer and Harris Tweed, and was made for the winter 2010 season.

Tony Harney, the manager of Lancaster Oxfam shop, said: “This is great news for the shop. I thought the jacket looked nice, but I had no idea it was worth so much.

“We had it on sale for £4.99 – hopefully we’ll get a lot more money for it now!

“It just shows, it’s always worth popping in to an Oxfam shop, you never know what you’ll find.”

The collaboration between Vintage by the Sea and Lancaster Oxfam has been very successful for the store which has seen a big increase in sales of vintage clothes ahead of the festival.

Tony added: “ We thought lots of people would be interested in buying vintage clothes for the festival, so we got some extra stock in and it has been going really well.

“And there are still plenty of clothes available, if people want to vintage up for the festival.”

The jacket will be on display in the Lancaster Oxfam shop window, in Penny Street, for a week and will then be auctioned on ebay with the proceeds going to the charity.

Amanda said: “The Vintage Festival is about vintage style but also about, cool and creativity. Clothing, fashion, craft, upcycling and mend-and-make-do are threads that run through the festival.”

Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway’s Vintage by the Sea festival takes place at the Midland and the Winter Gardens in Morecambe on Saturday, September 14.

It celebrates the music, fashion, film, art, dance, food and design from the last 80 years and includes a vintage market place, selling vintage clothes, accessories and memorabilia; Guys and Dolls Boutique with vintage hair and beauty makeovers; classic vehicles, vintage street food, vintage craft workshops and vintage street theatre.

There are also vintage nightclubs with 50s Rock and Roll, 70s club soul and 80s disco themes.