Demolition in progress for Parliament Street building

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A Lancaster eye-sore is being demolished after laying empty for nearly ten years.

The derelict building on 34-38 Parliament Street has been classed as unsafe and uneconomical to restore.

Many have speculated what the building used to be before it was left to crumble.

Jakki Barnes commented on Facebook: “It used to be Kenneth Gardners electrical shop.”

Gary Houghrain said: “It was Armitage Publicity, I worked there from 1982-1988, Commercial Art, Screen Printing, Signwriting.”

Robyn Gourlay said: “If I remember right it was 
K-shoes back in the 70’s.”

Alan Stephenson said: “It used to be Parkinsons joinery workshop.”

Vix Porter said: “The building being demolished used to be a garage at one point hence the cars.”

David Sowerby is the owner of the site and is finally glad to see it go.

Mr Sowerby said: “It belonged to my mother from my uncle’s estate.

“My father passed away in November and I landed in the middle of it.

“My dad was on about it saying he wanted to get it done but I don’t think he could be bothered.

“I’m glad to see it go, it’s a huge weight off my back.”

Demolition is to be completed at the end of the month.