Dean’s truly Batty about film-making

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A budding film-maker who grew up in Morecambe says his next film will be about the town.

Dean Batty, 20, who is currently studying film production at Staffordshire University, wants to concentrate on the people in Morecambe as subjects for his film.

He said: “Over the course of the next six months I will be creating my next film, possibly one about Morecambe.

“I figured why not make my final academic film about the place that’s inspired me most of all?”

Dean’s most recent film, Freddie Notes: Stepping Away From Babylon, is a short documentary about Jamaican musician Fred Peters.

Dean said: “The film is a simple interview cut with Fred Peters performing solo in his youth club.

“I set out to tell a very different story.

“Originally one about the 60s and the musical career of an artist but what it became was a very personal film with Fred talking about his passion for life and all things music.

“This is just how film-making is though, I set out to create one film and ended up with another film entirely different to what I had imagined.

“As a film-maker I am influenced a lot by where I came from.

“Most people I currently study with focus on creating dramas but I chose to create short non-fiction documentaries with the focus on real people and their stories.

“I believe this came from growing up around the certain characters that Morecambe provided throughout my youth.

“With the beautiful backdrop of the bay or the somewhat undesirable locations of Morecambe, it has been a constant inspiration to me.”

Following graduation, Dean plans to make the transition down to London to find work. However, he won’t forget his northern roots.

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