Cuddly new baby meerkats become zoo’s nameless few

The baby meerkats
The baby meerkats

Three baby meerkats are proving a big hit with visitors at a Milnthorpe zoo.

Up to now the eight-week-old tots have spent much of their time hiding undergound, but now they’re big enough to face the outside world full-time and are delighting visitors young and old

Jo Marsden, who runs the zoo with husband Dave, said: “When they’re born they really are very small.

“We weren’t sure if one of them had an infection so it had to come home with me. We kept it on antibiotics, it was touch and go.

“They’re all OK now and they’re really mobile and they’re out all the time.

“They seem to be mouths on legs, they’ll eat anything.”

The new arrivals are being looked after by Oasis’s resident family population of meerkats.

The three adult females are all sisters and the zoo has one adult male.

Babies are born with hair but not full coats and with their eyes closed.

They will live in the wild up to 10 years and up to 15 years in captivity. meerkats live in communities and depend on one another for survival.

While most mongooses are nocturnal, meerkats hunt during the day.

Dave said: “We got the first ones in this area, they weren’t a popular animal to have back then.But people, expecially children, have really loved them.”

The baby meerkats, which won’t be fully grown for six months, have yet to be named.