Woman caught on CCTV stealing from pensioner

A WOMAN was caught stealing cash from an 81-year-old dementia sufferer after her family installed a CCTV system in her home.

Helen White, 48, was filmed taking the money on one of four cameras installed at the bungalow in Marshaw Road, Lancaster.

White, the daughter of a neighbour, was invited in for cups of tea by frail great-grandmother Alice Knowles.

Mrs Knowles’ son Ian said he gave his mother £100 from her pension every Thursday.

However, she had been complaining for more than a year that the money was disappearing.

“She used to spend £30 on shopping then another £10 getting her hair done which would still leave her with £60,” he said.

“But suddenly, every Sunday, she would have no money. It was disappearing and she could not explain where it was.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (04-08-11) for full story.