Who dunnit mystery of bouncy castle theft

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A family have been left devastated after thieves stole their childrens’ prized Dr Who themed bouncy castle.

Mum Sarah Alderson of Morecambe, who has three children Jessica, Oliver and Elliot, who has autism, said: “Having something stolen has upset the whole family. People who thieve don’t realise the disruption and upset it causes, especially to children and stealing from children is lowest of the low.

“On my son’s fifth birthday we bought him this Dr Who themed bouncy castle and now some thieves have stolen it along with two blowers, heavy duty mats and a trolley.

“Oliver was so upset and still is.

“What makes it all worse is the police said its someone who knows us, someone who is close, as they knew exactly where everything was stored and they targeted us specifically to steal this as everything else was left untouched.

“They chose the wrong kids to steal from and I’m determined to get it back for them.

“If you have seen it inflated or in a bundle in a shed/van or garage or have any information on its whereabouts please contact police on 0845 125 3545.”

Sarah has shared a poster on Facebook and the local Stolen, Lost and Found Morecambe and Lancaster page in a bid to get the bouncy castle back.

Police said the bouncy castle was taken between 2pm on March 13 and 8pm on March 15.

The bouncy castle was worth £800.

Call 101 quoting log number LC-20140315-428.