Vandals trash park attraction

Happy Mount park vandalism
Happy Mount park vandalism

Mindless vandals have forced a unique park attraction to close down.

The bikes that power the waterfall at Happy Mount Park in Morecambe cannot be used any more following spates of vandalism which have led to constant repairs by volunteers.

Chairperson of the park volunteers, Simon Lewis, said: “They have been trashed so many times to the point of non-existence.

“They have been targeted up to 20 times in two years. They would bring a saw and saw through the bikes to remove bearings. The seats have been wrenched off. You just reach that point where it’s not worth repairing them any more.”

Other park attractions have been vandalised deliberately, including a 2ft high concrete frog which was smashed to pieces and a trellis leading to the adventure playground which was trashed.

Simon said: “They blocked a pipe to back it up and and threw rubble and big blocks in the pond.

“Our own wooden shed has to be fireproof and vandalproof otherwise it would be targeted.

“It’s something you live with but never understand because the park is for everyone.

“Maybe it’s a form of entertainment nowadays.

“It’s rather sad that we got The Queen’s Award for voluntary service and we have to say goodbye to one of the things they liked.

“However, you can’t stop people coming in and destroying it.”

Despite the damage to the bikes that power the waterfall, the volunteers hope that a handle operated system could be constructed to power the waterfall instead.

Coun Ron Sands, Cabinet member with responsibility for tourism and young people, said: “We would urge anyone with information about those responsible to contact the police.”