Urinating lout ‘blinds’ dad

A DAD was assaulted after he gave chase to a lout who urinated in his back garden, a court heard.

David Kitchen, 37, was spotted by a couple relieving himself in the bushes at their family home in Lune Street, Lancaster, Preston Crown Court was told.

The angry husband chased after Kitchen along the Millennium Bridge to remonstrate with him but Kitchen punched him in the face, leaving him with a large cut above his eye.

The householder had to go to Royal Lancaster Infirmary to have treatment and suffered a temporary loss of vision.

Sarah Booth, prosecuting, said: “The victim says as a result of the incident, he has been afraid to go out at night and is afraid for his children, who were in the house next to where (Kitchen) had been urinating.

See the Lancaster Guardian (15-04-11) for full story.