Uni worker breached trust after theft

Upright - University of Cumbria Lancaster campus
Upright - University of Cumbria Lancaster campus

A university employee stole a credit card from a colleague, then used it to try to steal money from his employers.

Shamed Craig Ashcroft was employed by the University of Cumbria at their Lancaster based campus.

He worked for their domestic services department, Lancaster Magistrates’ Court heard.

Ashcroft, of Water Street, Lancaster, admitted stealing the card from a drawer belonging to an employee, sometime between September 18 and 19 last year.

The following day, the 39-year-old went on to attempt to steal cash belonging to the University by using the card at the NatWest cash machine on Church St Lancaster.

He had tried to withdraw sums of £300, £100 and then £30 respectively.

CCTV footage showed him on the street at that time, the bench was told.He was also seen on CCTV coming out of the university building around the time the card was taken.

Lancaster Magistrates’ Court said the offence was serious enough to merit a custodial sentence because there was a “breach of trust”.

They also pointed out Ashcroft had similar dishonest offences on his record.

The bench imposed an eight week jail sentence but suspended it for 12 months.

He must also have 12 months supervision and pay an £80 surcharge.