Tool thieves targeting vans

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Latest news.

A spate of tool thefts from vans in Lancaster has sparked a warning to vehicle owners.

Police said they were investigating a number of thefts from trade vans belonging to self-employed people in the city.

In the incidents, tools and other specialist equipment has been taken from the back of vans parked overnight on Stirling Road, Ashton Drive and Whiteray Road.

Sergeant Guy Hamlett said: “Specialised tools are clearly very important to the operation of our local tradesmen’s businesses and their theft is obviously going to stop them from earning their living while having to make insurance claims and replace their equipment.

“The worrying thing is that a lot of these thefts are from vans that are being left unlocked overnight, so there is clearly an opportunistic element to these thefts that can be easily prevented.

“We urge our local tradesmen to make sure their vans are always locked, remove the tools from their vans at night and to try to leave their vans parked in well-lit areas whenever possible.” Contact police on 101 with information.