Theft of flagstones ‘selfish’


Thieves are stealing flagstones from footpaths in Lancaster.

Lancaster Neighbourhood Policing Teams, along with Lancashire Highways Services, have recently received a number of reports of theft of natural stone flags (Yorkshire stone) from footways in Lancaster.

PCSO David Owen said: “There are ten areas of flags which need to be replaced that we know of.

“We would ask residents and members of the public to be vigilant.”

Sim Lane-Dixon, Lancashire County Council’s highways manager for Lancaster, said: “We would urge local people to keep their eyes open and alert the police if they see people removing stone flags, which are such a historic part of many of our towns and cities.

“Stealing these flags is a shameful, selfish crime that robs us all of part of our heritage and puts us to unnecessary financial cost. There is little we can do to stop organised criminal gangs, other than encouraging local people to be vigilant.

“Unless the markings show that this vehicle is from Lancashire County Council or a utility company, it is likely to be criminal activity and should be reported.” Call 101.