Sporting hero in street knife drama

Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Shay Walsh.
Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Shay Walsh.

Shocked onlookers described the moment a man with a knife threw himself in front of moving traffic outside a city high school.

Passers-by in cars and on buses in Slyne Road and Owen Road, Lancaster, witnessed two blood-covered men, including a 22-year-old wearing just boxer shorts, grappling outside Skerton High School.

The second man was later revealed to be Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Shay Walsh, from Lancaster.

Spotting the drama unfolding, he intervened and managed to restrain the man for several minutes before the police and ambulance arrived.

Another man from the local area also helped to restrain the man, who police described as “very agitated”.

A knife was later recovered by police crime scene investigators in the grounds of the school after they cordoned off the area.

One eyewitness reported seeing a trail of blood along Owen Road, while another witness said the man, whilst being restrained, attempted to jump through the window of a van that had slowed down at the scene, causing the three men to be dragged along the road as the driver accelerated in panic.

The North West Ambulance Service, accompanied by police, arrived at the scene shortly after 5pm. The man was taken to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, where he was assessed and treated for knife wounds to his wrist.

A spokesman for Lancashire police said: “The man is recieving treatment.

“Fortunately nobody was seriously injured.”

No arrests have been made.