Six ‘at-risk’ children found walking streets of Morecambe

POLICE took six at-risk children to a place after safety following an operation on the streets of Morecambe on Friday night.

They included a seven-year-old who was being looked after by a drunken adult.

The children were taken to Sefton Drive children’s centre in Lancaster. Officers were also able to locate four young people who had been reported missing and they were returned home safe and well.

The Staysafe operation, involving Lancashire police and Lancashire County Council Children’s Services, is designed to identify young people “who may be classed as vulnerable and at risk of significant harm”, said police.

Between 6pm and midnight on Friday, a total of 200 youngsters who were out and about on the streets after darkness had fallen were spoken to.

Sgt Alicia Hills of Lancaster Police, said: “Operation Staysafe aims to protect children who are at risk of harm or who are vulnerable. Working together with our partners to address this issue is invaluable. The message we want to get across to parents and carers is that they should be aware of their responsibilities towards their children and should know where they are and what they are doing, especially when it is dark.”